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Career Transition – Choosing Your Great Place to Work

How to make a career transition to match your talent and personal value system and a company culture for fulfillment at work.

Over the last dozen years I have helped several hundred people decide where they should work and make a career transition . Perhaps you too may be in one of these situations:

  • You have previously had a successful career but at this stage of life, you want to do something more meaningful or engaging.
  • You got caught up in a downsizing or merger and it is no longer where you want to work.
  • You are underemployed and hate what you are doing but don’t know how to find something better.
  • You have always wanted to have your own business.
  • You are in high school or college but do not have a clue what you want to do with your life.
  • And probably the worst, you are not engaged and not doing your best and have been let go or on the verge of it.

For Career Transition, and in all these situations it is time to take inventory .  To take stock, we must become more self-aware in a number of areas. Think about who you are, what you believe or stand for and what you could get excited about.   How to you like to do things (Behavior)? What are your personal motivations (Driving Forces)? What are your accomplishments (Results)?  What things have you mastered (Competencies)?  How well do we make decisions and solve problems (Acumen), and finally how well do we understand and work with others (Emotional Quotient).

What if perhaps these things can be aligned? The truth is, they can. As my dad used to say, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.  We use TTI Success Insights profiles to measure all these layers of personality. We use over 75 years of business experience to help a person find their next.  We call this Career Transition process your Best Job Ever

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