Career Coaching-Best Job Ever

Goal: Help you find a great job, one that matches your talent and career needs.

“Best Job Ever”–Coaching Steps

  1. Choose Assessment: Talent Insights™, TriMetrix DNA™, TriMetrix HD
  • Talent Insights™: Behavioral profile DISC (How you do things 12 key ways) and 12 Driving Forces – Motivation  profile.  Why you do things 12 key ways.
  • TriMetrix™ DNA Coaching profile. Adds a Personal Soft Skills Inventory™ (Your “What” in 25 business competencies using 3 Sciences.
  • TriMetrix HD™ Coaching profile.  Comprehensive 55 Items/25 competencies/skills mastery using 4 Sciences.
  • Emotional Quotient™ Measures five areas within interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.
  • Stress Quotient™ An accurate diagnostic for revealing the stressors at play in your office.
  • Sales Skill Index™ Identify sales skill gaps to improve performance and team building.

2. Taking Stock-Managing Change – Career Decision 

  • Learn the dimensions of talent and how yours fits with certain career choices.
  • Discuss experience, education, and business, personality and technical skills.
  • Assess work situation and career progress.  Decide if same career or new.
  • Discuss choices on location, travel, income, culture and benefits.
  • Develop your personal stories and accomplishments. Learn to use them correctly.
  • Develop an Exit Statement.

3. Rework Your Resume & LinkedIn

  • Build upon your stories, Situation or Task, Actions taken and Results achieved (STARs)
  • Develop a great resume that sells who you are and gets interviews.
  • Create Public Exit Statement(s).
  • Create an Elevator Speech and Marketing Commercial.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to help others find you.

4. Job Search Strategies & Research

  • Learn 4 job search strategies and how to personalize and use each one.
  • Learn how to prioritize your time and how much time for each method per week
  • Learn websites to use to help you find a job, research salaries, find right people to contact
  • Explore the hidden job market.
  • Provide network connections into the field you choose.

5. Interviewing

  • Understand the 3 real underlying questions or principles in hiring
  • Explain behavioral interview process and how to anticipate hiring questions.
  • Learn how to read job postings and prepare for the interview.
  • Get organized and develop value statements.
  • Prepare questions that demonstrate why they should hire you

Fast Start / Life Coaching

  • Accelerate your first 3-6 months on the job by fast start developmental coaching.
  • Choose your own performance based on personal needs and job requirements.

Steps are optional.  You may choose based on your needs: one, several or all.

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