Coaching With a Purpose



Business coaching today is disciplined, focused coaching that pays for itself many times over. It has evolved to become a powerful tool for aligning individual performance with a company’s strategic plan, by targeting the gap between how an employee performs now and their potential for superior performance. Coaching can boost profits by moving people to a higher level of performance, but only when the coach uses the best tools available. Is your coach using them to get the results you need or jeopardizing your career without them?

In its infancy, business coaching was perceived as a last-ditch attempt to save an employee on a downward spiral. Typically this was a high level manager or C-suite executive, since top executives were seen as the primary drivers of company performance.  But things have changed. Coaching as a remedial intervention has given way to coaching designed to promote superior performance, and it’s not just about sharpening top executives. The use  of coaching has cascaded throughout organizations to include managers, key players, and anyone whose performance can propel goal achievement for the organization.

Just as the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of coaching has evolved, so has the ‘how’.  Businesses are incorporating an ever-increasing availability of business intelligence data from web sites, social marketing and other technology tools into daily operations, and this is fueling
an appetite for quantifiable results in the talent arena.  Managers have always identified anecdotally that it works, but in order to demonstrate return on investment to stakeholders at all levels, the need to measure the results of coaching has increased.  The best practice process outlined here aligns employee performance with the company’s overall strategic goals and makes it easy to measure coaching success.

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