Organizational Development & Training

Seminars & Workshops:

Our seminars and workshops provide excellent organizational and team development.  They are highly interactive, using assessment tools that facilitate open communication and remove barriers and allow participants quickly develop closer working relationships.

“Professional Development Series”

Now more than ever, businesses need highly creative work groups whose output equals more than the sum of their parts. But great teams aren’t just hired, they are actively developed.
Catalyst For Change
The process starts with the help of a trained Facilitator (internal or external) who provides the objectivity the team needs. The series is completed as a retreat, a seminar or a series of weekly workshops, according to your preference. Using TTI’s motivator assessment
tools, small group exercises, informative DVD training  and guided discoveries, your Facilitator will create a safe, affirming atmosphere. Series topics include:


Workshops are typically instructor led in a classroom but many can be done by web.  Length of seminars is very flexible with many broken into 2 hour sessions if necessary to accommodate work schedules.  Assessments or surveys are completed online before class.

Dynamic Communications

– Improving Communications Through Understanding Behaviors 

Your Attitude Is Showing

– Increasing Communication Through Understanding Attitudes

High Performance Teamwork

– Building A High Performance Team to Accomplish Exceptional Results



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