Leadership Series

Leadership Series

The business world is quickly realizing potential leaders are a major asset. Taking that potential and developing it is highly desirable.

 Who Is Better To Train Future Leaders Than the Leaders of Today?

TTI has created the Leadership Development Program as a tool to initiate and maintain the relationship necessary to create leaders from leaders. With dedication from both the facilitator and the protégé, the Leader-ship Development Program will guide the relationship through various steps to ensure it benefits both participants. When coupled with a TTI assessment and report, the Leadership Development Program provides a great resource that will help the leaders of today develop the leaders of tomorrow.

The Five Key Qualities of Leaders

Beginning with the basics, TTI researched and identified the five key qualities found in all true leaders:

Influencing others

• Personal accountability

• Self-management

• Goal achievement

• Interpersonal skills

These five key qualities create the basis of each of the five modules in the program. After a self-analysis, the protégé and facilitator can determine the individual order in which these modules will be followed, allowing the development process to begin with the key qualities that have the most potential for growth. In this way, the program is specifically customized to each individual protégé.

Leadership Development Is a Two-Way Street— We Give Both Drivers a Guide 

Recognizing the need for different information to reach both the facilitator and the protégé, we have tailored two separate guides to meet their individual needs. Together, the Facilitator’s Guide and the Protégé’s Guide provide:

Dialoguing questions to help introduce the relationship

Tips on effectively approaching the relationship

Troubleshooting guidelines to keep the relationship moving forward

Suggested activities that can increase the program’s effectiveness

Descriptions of a true leader

Workbook-style entries on thought-provoking questions promote dialoguing and personal reflection

The Leadership Development Program provides the versatility to be used effectively in a variety of different situations. Whether an employee wants to quickly advance their role, an organization would like to invest in their employee, or a leader wants to train their successor, this program will ensure results. With a commitment from both the facilitator and the protégé, the Leadership Development Program provides the tools necessary to create a lasting relationship and a leader for a lifetime.

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