Your Attitude Is Showing

Your Attitude Is Showing Workshop

 Understanding Our Differences

Have you ever experienced a “difference in opinion?” What about an “ethical dilemma?” On a fairly frequent basis, most people face these situations that are simply a conflict of values between themselves and another individual or group. This conflict can’t be avoided, but it

can be minimized by understanding how to clearly see others’ points of view. Once you learn to see the world from their perspective, you can improve communication with others.

 Seminar Objectives

Your Attitude Is Showing was designed to help people communicate better and sell more effectively. This seminar will focus on helping you clearly see how you view the world and understand how to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. This understanding will allow you to discover how to improve communication based on the theory of values and attitudes.

Specifically, the Your Attitude Is Showing seminar will help you:

Know which attitudes drive your life, actions and decisions.

• Understand each attitude and the interaction of each.

• Recognize the driving forces in others’ lives.

• Understand others’ viewpoints and be able to dialogue convincingly by seeing the world through their eyes.

 What are Values?

Values are attitudes that shape the way we see the world. These attitudes are a viewpoint, a mindset or a way of valuing life. They are described as the “why” of our actions because they drive us to act in a certain way.

These drivers are classified into six attitudes, or values:


• Utilitarian

• Aesthetic

• Social

• Individualistic

• Traditional

 Seminar Workbooks

Each seminar attendee receives an in-depth workbook that provides a great resource for learning and understanding the six values or attitudes. With general characteristics, descriptions, examples and exercises, this workbook helps attendees learn how to recognize, understand and apply the values theory for better communication.

 A Life-Long Learning Experience

Whether your organization or industry requires continuing education or not, Your Attitude Is Showing will help you know yourself and others to improve communication and relationships. Understanding and applying the theory of values is sure to have a life-long impact, both on and off the job.

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