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Statistically proven, EEOC approved, and quite simply, the best in the world.

Backed by over 40 years of research and used in more than 100 countries worldwide, no other assessment tools come close.

Scientifically validated, bias-free, fully integrated assessment tools

Designed for accuracy and depth, our reports provide valuable insights into  business development, personal growth and life choices.

Proven cross-culturally and constantly refined, you cannot make a better choice for an accurate assessment of your people in today’s business climate, where different cultures, groups and generations are working side-by-side.

EEOC approved for hiring, these proven tools will help you accurately assess and screen job candidates as well as current employees, to objectively assist in staffing for maximum employee engagement and productivity.

For management and teambuilding, these profiles can help you learn to appreciate differences, understand underlying motivators, and craft your teams for competitive advantage. Learn to transform conflicting styles into high performing teams!

Behavioral Characteristics (DISC)
DISC graph


DISC examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job and the universal language of "how we act," or our observable human behavior

12 Driving Forces

12 Driving Forces uncovers the “why” behind people’s actions and reveals what motivates your employees.


Emotional Quotient (EQ)

EQ measures emotional intelligence, or your ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotional to facilities high levels of collaboration and productivity.


Stress Quotient (SQ)

SQ identifies negative and positive areas of stress in both individuals and teams in order to improve productivity, morale and engagement. An anonymous option is available for team member reports.


DNA Talent

Competencies (DNA) report measures 25 research-based skills required by any job and ranks them against population norms. Use this to screen applicants, on-board new hires, or ensure existing employees are using their strongest skills and developing crucial soft skills to deliver their highest performance.


Acumen Capacity Index

Based on Dr. Robert Hartmann’s science of Axiology, ACI acutely measures how clearly someone thinks about other people, roles, tasks, and systems and assess their current capacity to make unbiased decisions and problem solve.

Targeted Selling Index

Sales Skills Index presents questions that portray “real life” sales situations and diagnoses the selling capabilities of your salesforce. From that, we analyze specific aspects of the sales process and can create a baseline of strengths and areas of improvement.

8 Factors

8 Factors of Engagement (8FE)

Concerned about silent quitting? Want to improve profitability, productivity, employee retention and customer satisfaction? Use this survey to accurately assess 8 different factors of engagement and how to improve them.

ChoicePoint Consulting is a proud Value Added Associate of TTI Success Insights.

Leading-edge assessment solutions with a 40-year track record of accomplishments in more than 50 countries worldwide – TTI provides extensive research solutions to accurately identify and meet your needs. TTISI creates research-backed, scientifically validated assessment tools used in organizations and workplaces across the globe.

EEOC approved, TTISI assessment tools are safe and legal to use in the hiring process of your organization and are compliant under the Disparate Impact Rule.