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ChoicePoint Consulting has been a critical part of the success of my business. We grew from a small company of 4 people to a company of 12 people over the span of about 18 months. That quick growth revealed a lot of unexpected team challenges. ChoicePoint has become a key part of our team, providing team evaluation and training tools that we employ every day. They have been especially helpful in conflict resolution, team building and strategic initiatives. ChoicePoint has made a significant positive impact on my business, and I am especially grateful for their support.
My team and I had the privilege of working with Butch and his team to better understand our growing team of leaders. Everyone who participated agreed, it increased their self-awareness and that of those around them, while creating a platform for us to work even better as a team going forward. Culture is everything for us at Eastport Financial Group as we grow now internationally, and ChoicePoint's help ensures we are ready for the next evolution of our organization.
ChoicePoint has been instrumental in helping us work through critical business decisions. Butch and his team has taught us the importance of understanding team members and their personalities and how that ‘piece of the puzzle’ makes a huge difference in making the right additions to our team.
ChoicePoint Consulting proved to be an invaluable ally as I explored career opportunities in the second half of my professional journey. Katie and Butch not only guided me in uncovering my strengths but also assisted in aligning them with potential career paths. Navigating through the employment journey can be tumultuous, and ChoicePoint did not just offer career advice but provided a pillar of mental stability during the process. I consider myself truly blessed to have been referred to ChoicePoint, where expertise, personalized guidance, and a genuine commitment to their clients converge to make a transformative impact on one's professional life. Thank You Katie and Butch.
I am profoundly thankful for the exceptional support and expertise that ChoicePoint Consulting offered throughout my journey to becoming a nonprofit executive director. Their in-depth personality assessment tools were instrumental in deepening my understanding of my unique talents and driving forces, revealing how these attributes can significantly contribute to organizational success. This enhanced awareness not only empowered me personally and professionally, but also facilitated more effective and impactful decision-making, greatly benefiting our organization as a whole.