• Who am I really? Find out with our TTI Success Insights Assessments.

    Who am I really? Find out with our TTI Success Insights Assessments.

  • How would you find your "Best Job Ever"?

    How would you find your "Best Job Ever"?

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We are glad you're here. We help organizations, teams and individuals make great choices to live and work more intentionally. Often, people go through the motions of life, go with the flow so to speak, without really thinking or planning based on how they are gifted or what they are really passionate about. Sometimes teams and organizations do the same. We have solutions to make better choices. Check us out!

Discover Your Strengths using TTI Success Insights Assessments
Discover Your Strengths using TTI Success Insights Assessments

Great leaders always begin by leading themselves. In fact, great leaders always know their own strengths and weaknesses. They determine the strengths and weaknesses of their coworkers and learn to appreciate them. Finally they learn to blend them into high performance teams.

DISC Workshop - Dynamic Communication
DISC Workshop - Dynamic Communication

Dynamic Communication was designed to help people win and achieve a greater degree of success in life and work. This seminar will open your eyes to a new way of viewing yourself and others and will allow you to discover how to communicate more effectively based on the DISC behavioral model. Behavioral characteristics are categorized into four dimensions of normal behavior, which are referred to as DISC: • D - Dominance • I - Influence • S - Steadiness • C - Compliance

Human Resources Services
Human Resources Services

ChoicePoint Consulting provides ongoing Human Resources services and support. Whether it is a onetime need or an ongoing or on call relationship, we can help. We can audit your business and help you correct HR issues of any kind. These services are not restricted to HR services. We can and will manage entire projects to find and procure HR and other services for your business at the best value.

Find Your Next Job

Two Keys

When a Hiring Manager or Recruiter looks at your resume they are always looking for two key things.  These two things will determine whether your resume gets more than 30 seconds of the reviewer’s time. One or both of these two things will often be what moves the reviewer to action such as an email or phone call or moving your resume to “check out later” file.

Your titles held and what you were responsible for is important.  Your experience and length of service is important.  Your degree, certifications, licenses, references, technical skills, business skills and specific knowledge are also very important.  Rarely, will one of these cause the desired action. Neither will endless online applications filled out, emails, cover letters or resumes sent, even by the thousands.

Your personal traits, appearance and abilities are also very important but normally are not a deciding factor or important until later in the process.

 So here are the two things:

  1.  Accomplishments: what have you done and what can you do for me?  What value will you bring to my organization? How do I know if you are better than other candidates?  Can I see this right up front on your resume?
  2.  A Personal Recommendation: Who knows you? Has someone that I know recommended you? Did someone else (that I trust) in the organization know and recommend you personally?

So the old adage “It is who you know” or phrased more appropriately as “who knows you” really is true.

The other old saying “People will pay you for the size of the problems you can solve”, is also true. As a reviewer, I won’t give you a the chance unless my interest is prompted by your resume.

By Francis R Howard August 2, 2012

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